Get Horny With The Dating Sites In Nigeria

Get Horny With The Dating Sites In Nigeria

Have you been looking to get engaged in adult dating in Nigeria? On this page, you will find the best dating sites that we tested during our search for adult dating offers on the web being at your disposal in NIgeria. We have grouped our favorites in a special manner that will show you the data collected during the search.

We believe that these data can greatly assist you in your search for online dating, in particular by providing you with a good overview of the success rate that you can expect on each referenced site. Thus, you will be able to avoid false sexual sites and maximize your chances with each Nigeria dating site, as it may be some similar with the paid and free dating site in USA. So, do not hesitate to use this ranking to make your choice when selecting the sites on which you wish to register. is reputably engaged in the affiliate programs, which are aimed at providing you with the uttermost results of your search. In other words, cooperates with the websites to be recommended under conditions of the good reputation and enables you to follow the links of the websites to test yourself. What is more, because of the free nature of the HookupGeek’s cooperation, you as a user will not be charged for anything, for any action or for any decision. Thus, you can refer this actions absolutely free for you, so you have just benefits out of using both HookupGeek and the affiliate programs. By the way, strongly encourages you to follow all the recommendations we provide in order not to be scammed.

In case of coming across any ads of any services or products which can appear on the pages of HookupGeek, you do not have to refer them to the responsibility of the site. In other words, does not have any responsibility for the contents of the ads as well as of the products and services’ quality advertised. In any case, we do our best to allow only the most credible and quality ads, which will never harm you.

The Best Adult Dating Sites In Nigeria

# Website Offer Hookup Rate
1 wellhello WellHello
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2 snapsext Snapsext
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3 bbwdesire Bbwdesire
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5 adult-friend-finder Adult Friend Finder
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6 okcupid OkCupid
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5 Best Adult Dating Sites In Nigeria: The Rating By HookupGeekNigeria


The first thing to think when it comes to the Nigerian dating sites is that FuckBookWhy so? Just because it has no direct competitors in the field of the adult dating. In other words, a site aimed at men who seek either casual sexual affairs or great love. The site allows for serious and/or regular meetings quite easily, especially as the profiles of the people registered are rather qualitative.

We find the principle of meeting by affinities, to put you in contact only with people with whom you have common points. Something to avoid wasting time with someone who does not match you at all. It is effective, even if the romantic encounter here loses a bit of its magic, so much space seems to be given to chance.

Free registration gives access to basic functionality, but you will have to pay the monthly subscription of $29.90 to fully benefit from FuckBook and meet real people. Regardless of the fact that it’s not a 100% free online dating site, it can play quite a fabulous role in your dating endeavors!


OkCupid is the dating site for demanding singles, and it’s also frequently attributed to the best free dating site for serious relationships, especially for being the best dating site in USA. Here, you will only find qualitative profiles, of handpicked men and women. Because for your profile to be validated, other members of the community must accept you.

Rather than finding love, it sometimes feels like applying for a job interview where only the wealthy can reach the top. This selection is hard but allows the site to have members who share many common points.

The other strong point of OkCupid resides in the real dates organized regularly, everywhere in Nigeria. For those who find it difficult to take the plunge, this is a great opportunity to meet “for real”, with singles who are looking for the same thing as you.

With subscriptions varying from 29.90 to 59.90 dollars a month (depending on the duration of your membership), prices are certainly high, but not necessarily more than those of the competition.


A little more recent on the market, Tinder has met with dazzling success since its creation in 2012. Rather than a dating site, this is a geolocated mobile dating app, which allows you to easily enter contact with people around you.

And using the application is even simpler: when a profile appears on your screen, you just have to “swipe” on the left if you are spellbound or on the right in the opposite case. Critics of Tinder will say that this method desecrates the romantic meeting, the parade of profiles closer to the cattle fair. Certainly. But the result is there, with 50 million users worldwide and tens of billions of “matches”.

Be careful, all the same: if you are looking for love with a capital A, Tinder is not the ideal solution. But it’s free and the best dating site (the Tinder Plus subscription allows you to access more options), and it is another major advantage when choosing the site on which you register!


Happn, it’s sort of the Tinder  to a particular extent. Here, the app normally allows you to easily find people you have encountered on the street. Have you picked up on the young blonde woman seen around the corner or on the pretty redhead at the cafe next door? Take a look at Happn and hopefully (if she also downloaded the app), you can get to know her.

The principle is simple and attractive, and even addictive. Chatting with people near you is always fun. But when you come across someone who can track you and walk the streets of your neighborhood back and forth in the hope of finding you on Happn, there is reason to be paranoid.

However, let’s not dramatize! Happn remains an excellent socialization tool, in the same vein as Tinder… with the same qualities and the same defects! In 2020, the company claims no less than 70 million users worldwide, and 4.9 million messages exchanged every day.


Elite Singles offers to meet high-end singles. In any case, men and women who display a certain status, graduates and / or enjoying a good professional situation: 85% of those registered have “a high level of education”as the stats claim being described on the main page of the site.

Here, good manners are mandatory when you get in touch with someone. This will be possible after performing a very comprehensive online personality test, which will allow you to better target the profiles compatible with yours.

Inevitably, the number of people registered is less than with some competitors, but the quality is supposed to take precedence here over the quantity. You are in any case entitled to expect the best on this site where the price of subscriptions ranges from $25 to almost $100!

As you can see, these 5 sites alone add up to almost half of the total number of mature plans, that is to say that they are effective, without forgetting these dating sites to find adulterous women! Our team was won over by their ease of use and the many interesting profiles they offer.

The women we met through these sites were real sluts ready to fulfill their fantasies, so the sexual experiences were really satisfying. Our data was very secure and we felt that the moderators were doing their job properly. Indeed, rare are the profiles which appeared to us as hiding scammers or escorts.

We therefore recommend each of these sites for your search for dating and hookup, because we are sure that they will allow you to send you in the air several times. Very well designed, each best dating site offer a multitude of choices between lots of different profiles of very good and very hot Nigerian women. Tested and approved by our team, each free dating site in Nigeria is very good to suit the needs of the users of dating platforms on which you will inevitably find your happiness.

You will not regret your registration, and the meetings carried out will leave you with very pleasant memories. Therefore, try the experience and follow the example of our team by registering on these sites with high success rates.

How We Test The Adult Dating Sites In Nigeria?

We are now going to explain our analysis method to you so that you understand how we allow you to find the best online dating sites or even to refer them to top 10 dating sites in Nigeria.

In order to test the different sites, we had to carry out a very careful analysis. The first step we performed was to test each of them. We have, for the results to be as precise as possible, taken for each site a paid subscription allowing us to enjoy all the capacities offered by each site. We then created different profiles to ensure we can easily communicate with the users on the dating sites for singles.

After the creation of these profiles and after having approached women by chat with sentences that we will describe to you in the attached guide. Finally, and this is where the greatest interest is for you in our search, the number of women we managed to get to ask out for a date, and therefore to have some more intricate experiences, was great! This large number allows us to measure the quality of one site compared to another, in the very interest of helping you choose the best free online dating sites allowing you to satisfy your desires.

How We Compare Nigeria Dating Sites?

Our comparison methodology is as follows:

  • We took a paid subscription on the sites best in the country (their list for Nigeria is also indicated on this page).
  • They are the best dating sites and well-known ones, the most attractive, the most famous or the most promising.
  • For each of them, we have created different profiles seeking for some dating to maximize our chances.
  • The members of our team were able to test their power of seduction on various platforms and with thousands of women looking for the same things as them.
  • Once this base was set up, we were able to get down to the conduct of the ’experiment’ as such.

We then totaled the messages sent, messages received, naughty meetings planned and meetings without headache that really had location (including the dating sites free usage, as well).

Our analysis method aims to be as reliable as possible, that is to say that we have applied the same seduction techniques on the different sites and made sure to behave in the same way during each appointment (including the users from the list of free dating sites). In fact, it was the FuckBook dating site that most impressed us this time (mainly for free dating features it possesses).

It is important to note, however, that we only contacted the naughty women who seemed to be the hottest, for a very simple reason: in order to maximize the number of meetings and see what the success rates are on the websites.

Of course, it seemed essential to us to target only the profiles which clearly showed their intentions and with which we could conclude most quickly. Women who are hesitant or shy are usually not the ones you will end up having sex with, which is why we encourage you to contact those who appear to be having more sexual encounters as a priority. In this way, you will get much more satisfying results in a minimum of time.

During our study to find the ultimate best free dating site, the experts of our team established a particular communication technique in order to be sure of arriving at the expected result, that is to say of finding an ass plan. Indeed, it was a question of approaching a specific type of woman,

  • Our female selection was built on a report based on the description and photos posted by the suitors in question.
  • To improve our chances of dating her, we have only sent messages to women we have considered to be hot. That is to say the women who, in their words, seemed to us the most apt to reach the final goal of putting them in your bed.

These two points are significant when completing the top dating sites (knowing that they can be comprised of the free online dating sites, as well).

What Is A Good Adult Dating Site?

A good adult dating site must have the following qualifiers being absolutely necessary and obligatory:

  • Be safe: That is, do not get hacked and lose your database as AshleyMadison, one of the online dating sites in USA, did.
  • Be discreet: When it invoices you for your monthly payment, the adulterous site should not mention its real name on your statement. Anyway, we strongly suggest that you use a prepaid debit card or some totally free online dating sites.
  • Should not be too popular: Do avoid dating apps like Plenty Of Fish or CoffeeMeetsBagel. You may run into your wife’s friends, you know. And most of all, it’s really hard to find what’s been searched on these dating apps.
  • Be effective very quickly: The longer you stay on each top dating site, the better your chances of getting caught. So, you have to find a dating partner quickly and then cancel her subscription until you need a new adult experiences.
  • The dating site must be based in your country: Avoid dating the residents of the USA, you may run into a scam, or you will not find any American women in your area because of the distance, so that you could believe that the site doesn’t work well.

Serious meeting or one-night stand with the adult dating site in Nigeria? What’s better to pick up? How to choose? How to decide?

Providing a comprehensive comparison of all dating sites is an impossible task. You might as well be clear right away! It must be said that these platforms are always more and more numerous.

Whether it’s general dating sites (gay or straight) or sites dedicated to dating cougar women, short-term meetings or “community” meetings, you are spoiled for choice in finding the love on the Internet.

There are even totally crazy sites in this area!

Faced with this observation, one might also be led to think that it has never been easier to find love. So if you fall into this category, maybe you want to end celibacy. And maybe you’re tempted (if you haven’t already) to sign up for a online dating service. But which one to choose? Who to trust?

HookupGeekNigeria is aware of everything, so that if you stay with us we will surely let you know so much about the online dating websites, about what is dating, which top dating sites in Nigeria you should better pick up!

Why Choose A Dating Site Or A Dating Application?

Today your future half is for sure in your smartphone! And more precisely even on one of the dozens of dating applications or on one of the very many serious dating websites for single people. Forget the old-fashioned flirting at a nightclub, in the office or on the street, now everything happens in a virtual way then in real if affinities.

Why visit and sign up with a dating site or a dating app?

  • Simply because it has become the trend of the moment.
  • But also because it is more pleasant to flirt comfortably on your sofa than to spend several hours in a bar that an attractive person points the tip of his nose.
  • Online dating saves us time and that’s great! Even if for some true love is found in a natural and fortuitous way.
  • The benefits of today’s technology are manifold. In the blink of an eye, you have direct access to a great catalog of singles available.
  • There is more to choose quietly according to the criteria that we set. And let’s not hide it: a refusal hurts less in virtual than in real life, by the way.
  • Faced with so many choices, it is not always easy to find the dating site or app that suits your needs.
  • There are so many different offers and systems that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

This is why our team clears the way for you and gives you its opinion on serious dating sites and applications. We have tested several free and paid dating sites to help you make your choice based on your affinities.

Relevance Of Dating Sites In Nigeria

What is dating? What we’d refer to dating meaning? Online dating is sort of the best thing that has happened to introverts.

Although it is not only reserved for them.

  • Many people have busy jobs or busy schedules. All of this combined does not always leave much room for meeting people in everyday life.
  • However, all the moments of the year are conducive to romanticism, and whether in spring, summer, winter or autumn, love is always in the air!
  • If you are single, you may be looking for a partner to spend your Sunday under the duvet or go on a weekend to Rome or test a new restaurant.
  • In general, we would all like to meet a man or a woman by the greatest of chances. The idea of ​​meeting someone on a dating site or app does not really make you dream.

That said, what is most important: meeting the man or woman of your dreams or stopping at small details and staying single forever?

Well, the choice is quickly seen. After all, these days, what could be more normal than to say that we met on a dating site? It doesn’t matter, it’s about your love life and your happiness, not the opinion of so and so.

So here is a small collection to help you find the best dating site or application according to your expectations (they are not in a specific order of classification).

Dating Scammer Letters

One of the negative phenomena in adult dating in Nigeria is the diversity of the so-called dating scammer letters. They’re nothing else but the collection of the fake dating websites or profiles that could have brought you the most piquant relations. In addition, these may be the blackmailing letters, so that your security would be destroyed. Do you need it? We doubt.

So, what to do? When you use the services by HookupGeekNigeria, you can count for the most adorable dating with no scammer letters that would ruin your safety or good mood! So, just follow our tips and suggestions not to have the same awful experiences!

Dating Sites: Tips To Succeed

To meet on a dating site, you need to know what you want. This is essential because it will impact all your activity within the platform.

  • You must create a sincere and as complete profile as possible. Remember that this is your description which should attract the people you want to covet. The best thing to do is to describe yourself as you are. This is necessary if you want to find someone who is compatible with your personality, tastes and preferences.
  • You should also include a photo of you currently smiling, with positive energy. For example, you can choose the one in which you do something you like, always smiling.
  • Do not be shy, dating sites offer you many chances to find love, so if you find a profile that interests you, write to him. It is important to keep an active search. Be natural, even if it is not a face to face meeting.
  • Remember that on dating sites you can find people of all kinds. You must be prepared to face rejection situations. It is part of the social interaction process. You have to assume it positively and continue your research. Each person you meet is a new experience. If you’re looking for the love of your life, go for serious dating sites.

Dating sites are part of the dynamics of today’s society and therefore meet real social needs.

The first advantage they offer is comfort. It is possible to look for a partner in the tranquility of his home. They also allow you to meet a large number of people who are also looking for a stable relationship. This saves a lot of time.

Thanks to the descriptions of the members’ meeting profiles, information such as hobbies and preferences of each is accessible, this allows you to see at a glance if there is compatibility with you. A dating site is an ideal tool for overcoming shyness. Many people do not see themselves taking the first step in meeting other people. However, the feeling of anonymity that apps or dating sites give helps to overcome the fear of rejection and therefore makes one feel more secure.

We’d also release some additional tips, including,

  • If you are tired of subscribing and eventually unsubscribing constantly, don’t panic, it doesn’t matter. Admittedly, it’s frustrating when you really want to meet the right person.
  • But nothing stops you from taking breaks and coming back later or even testing other sites (the list in this article will help you with that).
  • In short, if you had to remember only one thing, that no matter which dating app or dating site you want to use, you will maximize your chances of meeting someone.
  • Don’t stop at the less glamorous image of best online dating site rather than the reality. The most important thing is that you feel good and that you manage to meet the man or woman of your dreams. Not true?
  • So indulge in dating sites without ever forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do.
  • In the meantime, we can also discuss it: what do you think of dating sites? Have you already had great encounters thanks to these platforms? Share your experiences in comments!


So what is the best dating site? Which online dating sites in Nigeria are particular for you? Now you know all answers, and can start in dating online to have the most alluring experiences you might’ve ever wanted!

If it was only necessary to mention one name, it is obviously Meetic who would reap the palm of the best dating site. The site can count on the largest community of singles to help you find love (or a simple pass). In any case, it is the one on which you are most likely to meet.

But today, we see that the use of mobile has changed the codes of the meeting. Thus, an app like Tinder does not lack assets but the (too) large number of profiles present will discourage more than one.

Taking the first step to register on a dating site can be more or less complicated depending on your requirements, depending on your availability and your state of mind.


In addition to traditional dating sites, there are also many dating apps reserved for smartphones. These types of applications are more focused on proximity meetings than on the compatibility of people and therefore advocate ephemeral meetings. In other words, they allow you to find an interested and interesting girl near you.

Yes, absolutely. You just need to insert the desired search filters. the majority of the dating sites would accomplish this purpose.

Surely, yes! The majority of the ones we’ve provided are mixed, so that you can sign up with them no matter which sexual preferences you have. Everything would be absolutely possible!

Here are some tips to make your online dating go smoothly. First off, be as exhaustive as possible on your profile. Secondly, take the time to carefully consider all of the proposals you receive. Thirdly, if one of the suitors interests you, make an appointment in a public and comfortable place. Finally, group meetings can help you break the ice.

In fact, everything is relative. We’ll create a special list of the top free dating sites for your convenience, but still you have to know that the completely free dating sites no hidden fees may be some dangerous from the point of view of your security. Hence, we’d suggest you using the best online dating sites instead of scamful free ones.

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